Online Job Application
Jr. Assistant Cruise Director / Job Application

Please read and acknowledge the information below regarding the position and audition process. Minimal age for this position is 21.


Be the Consummate Host by interacting with passengers and assisting with the delivery of onboard programs that surprise, delight, and create lifelong memories.

Personal Characteristics:

Understanding of the foundation of customer service; ability and willingness to deliver outstanding service to our passengers. Motivation to excel in all aspects of job duties and responsibilities. Personable communicator with outstanding social skills and a warm, friendly, and caring personality. Willingness to embrace all Company values and Service Credo and lead by example. Commitment to continuously display and deliver genuine care to our passengers and surprise and delight them throughout their cruise experience. Ability to adapt and adjust to a variety of circumstances.


  1. Enthusiastically hosts or co-hosts entertainment and other revenue/non-revenue events, including but not limited to trivia events, sports and deck games, manning the ship's library, and other events, always in accordance with Entertainment policies and procedures.
  2. Always ensures efficient set-up, presentation, and operation of ongoing programs, including adherence to all safety and ethical protocols in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
  3. Always maintains an engaging presence both on and off stage and entertains passengers in a likeable, professional manner.
  4. Performs gangway embarkation and disembarkation duties promptly and properly, to delight and serve every passenger.
  5. Always works effectively with fellow cruise staff, management, and other departments.
  6. Consistently demonstrates responsibility and accountability; promptly takes on additional responsibilities and projects as assigned by Management.
  7. Provides a positive first impression to every passenger through a warm, welcoming individual greeting; always maintains a spotless and professional appearance.
  8. Observes passengers to identify their preferences and adjusts service accordingly, anticipating passengers' needs and offering appropriate responses without the customer having to ask.
  9. Demonstrates to every passenger that his or her satisfaction is our top priority by immediately acknowledging every request, responding promptly and effectively to resolve any service request or concern, and escalating to Supervisor as appropriate.
  10. Nurtures a memorable connection with passengers by remaining fully engaged through completion of service and graciously thanking passengers as they are leaving.
  11. Enthusiastically cross-promotes revenue departments whenever appropriate.
  12. Regularly participates in onboard safety procedures. Always complies with all Fleet Safety regulations, including the mustering of passengers in drills and actual emergencies.
  13. Demonstrates commitment to the Company's values, beliefs, goals, and initiatives. Consistently upholds our Core Values and the C.R.U.I.S.E. philosophy.
  14. Acts as a company representative and always portrays a positive image of Princess Cruises to all passengers, officers, and crew.
  15. Always maintains professional, effective, and motivated working relationships across all functions, taking into account differences in cultures, backgrounds, and individual personalities.
  16. Consistently demonstrates high morale and motivation.
  17. Promotes a harassment-free environment at all times.
  18. Always provides friendly and courteous assistance to passengers and fellow employees, remembering that even when he or she is not serving a passenger directly, he or she is assisting someone who is.